Next Generation Patient Specific Knee Implants: W. Fitz, Boston

During a visit in Boston, MA at the Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital, W. Fitz, M. D. demonstrated implantation of patient specific knee implants (Conformis I-Uni and I-Total).Michael Jagodzinski and Wolfgang Fitz

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3rd Prize AGA Research Award and AGA Research Grant 2013

The Paper: “Effects of stem cell seeding on histologic and mechanical properties of osteochondral reconstructions in the mini-pig. received the 3rd prize award for the best research paper of the AGA 2013 and was presented from Vladimir Martinek, Frank Bömers of DJO, and Wolf Petersen. The Research Grant proposal: “Heterotopic in-vivo culture of ligament grafts with biphasic structure under mechanical stimulation in the sheep model” was accepted.

30. Kongress AGA 2013 Wiesbaden Germany

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The Paley Advanced Limb Lengthening Institute



On the way to the ORS in San Antonio, Texas, visiting the PALEY Advanced Limb Lengthening Institute. Dr. Paley has a tremendous reputation for limb lengthening and alignment procedures.

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2nd Prize AGA Best Research Paper Award 2012


The Paper: “In vitro analysis of different therapeutic medications on fibroblasts from arthrofibrotic tissue” received the 2nd prize award for the best research paper of the AGA 2012 and was presented from Frank Bömers and Petra Gräf (picture) of DJO.

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Cartiva Implantation at MHH

Cartiva Implant

Former Salucartilage implants that were not available in German hospitals return to the knee joint. The modified implant has a conical shape and comes with new implantation instruments. The first implantation of the redesigned implants in the knee joint is scheduled in MHH for June 20th, 2012. For more information visit:

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Lecture in Zaragoza

During a biotechnology conference in Zaragoza on February 26th, I could report the latest data on tissue engineering of meniscus scaffolds.

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Visit to Dr. Cassard, Toulouse

Dr. Xavier Cassard (middle) is an Expert for ACL-Reconstruction using the TLS-System, which is distributed in Germany by Tantum AG.

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